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Would you like to get your product featured on Towards Data Science - a popular online Data Science publication?

If you have a product related to Data Science (and it would interest TDS readers) I can write an article about your product.

My articles get consistently featured on Towards Data Science. This is a great promotion for your product as TDS distributes the article across all of their channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc...).

What do you get

  • An article about your product (5-minute read)

  • Submission to Towards Data Science

  • Promotion of the article on Twitter, Reddit and similar newsletters

  • I share the article statistics with you

Terms of service

  • After the payment, the article will be published before 1 month passes. If the article is not published, I will send you a refund.

  • I don't guarantee that the article will be accepted in a Medium publication (or become featured), because this is hard to predict. But I do everything in my power to increase the chance of being successful.

  • In a case, the article isn't accepted. I'll write another article about your product. If it is not accepted again, I won't issue a refund. The two articles then stay on my Medium page and can be submitted to another publication.

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This product is not currently for sale.
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Get featured in Towards Data Science

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